Academic Circular -COVID19

Dear Students,

An online meeting of all Heads, Deans, Deputy Director, and Registrar  was convened by Director, TIET on 10th April, 2020 at 11.00AM to discuss possible steps related to engagement of  classes of Even Semester (2019-20)  for post lock-down period and running of Summer Semester.


It was decided that:


(i) It will be mandatory for all the faculty members to deliver online lectures of the entire syllabus contents (remaining after MST) via online platform w.e.f April 13,2020 and faculty will record these lectures or use the Impartus recordings for the same. These recorded lectures will be made available to the students by all faculty members through the course webpage or any other relevant mode (through email or Whatsapp), as the emphasis is on delivering the recorded material to all of you.


(ii) It will be mandatory for all the students to either attend the classes delivered by the respective faculty member and/or consult online material referred/provided by the faculty member. 


iii) In case the recorded lectures are not available to the you through the course webpage or Impartus recordings or any other relevant mode (through email or Whatsapp), then you can drop a mail to concerned faculty member with a cc to and


(iv) As and when the institute will be  fully functional, a total of 15-20 working days will be dedicated to fast -track teaching (which will include conduct of labs, doubts/lecture classes, evaluations, make-up test etc.), in order to catch up with the uploaded online teaching material . The ESTs will start after 15-20 days of this teaching effort. These days of teaching may include Saturday, Sunday and any pre declared holiday as a working day. 


(v) It has also been decided that 50% of the EST weightage will be for the syllabus covered till MST (Since regular classes (face to face) were conducted till  MST) and 50%weightage will be for the post lockdown contents (Covered through online mode). This arrangement will be for sessional component as well.


(vi) EST paper of each course will have 7 questions of equal weightage and students will be required to attempt any 5 out of the 7 questions (4 Questions from syllabus covered till MST and 3 Questions from syllabus covered post lockdown). This relaxation will be for the current semester only.


Summer Semester 2020


(i)   Summer semester will commence in the next semester i.e. in the Odd Semester of Session 2020-2021 [Tenure: 4-5 Weeks (Inclusive of MST and EST)].


(ii) Courses in the summer Semester will be offered to 2016 batch or lower batches (Students of 2014 and 2015 with backlogs) only in the self-study mode to the students who have E Grade. In case of Lab Courses, the lab sessions may be conducted in the evening /Saturday/Sunday.


(iii) 2016 or previous batch students having X grade in a course will also be allowed to register in that course in self-study mode, during this summer semester as a special case under the prevailing extraordinary situation . However, this should not be quoted as a precedence in the coming years.  


(iv) The courses which are run for 2016 batch or previous batch students can be offered to the 2017/2018/2019 batch students with E grade only.


(v)  Faculty will be assigned for all these courses in the summer semester pattern.  


(vi) Examination of the summer semester courses shall be held in the evening from 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM (similar to existing Auxiliary examination patterns). 


This is the tentative plan as of now, there may be some alterations keeping in view of Government orders from time to time.